We specialize in vintage exotics and supercars.

Restoration & Service

Since our founding in 1999, Blackhorse Motors and its principal, Carl Steuer, has grown to become one of Los Angeles’ most trusted source of independent Ferrari and Lamborghini service. Carl’s over 23 years of technical experience with Ferrari motor cars (and nearly just as long with Lamborghinis) has earned him the reputation as one of the foremost technician to Ferraristi all around the L.A. metropolitan area.

Sales and Investments

Blackhorse Motorsports’ Carl Steuer, LA’s record setting Ferrari restoration and service expert, partnered with Fashion/Lifestyle digital agency founder and car enthusiast, Matthew Zehner, to launch the exclusive vintage exotic curation, sales, and investment brand Blackhorse Collection. The collaboration brings enthusiasts and collectors alike an experience unmatched expertise, and peace of mind in the investment category of iconic sports cars.

We have evolved out of a lifetime of automobile passion. Our team has strong relationships in the motorcar collection and investment community. We were born out of a need to source hard to find examples of rare sports cars for our friends and fellow collectors. Not only have we been able to successfully grow strong collections of rare and vintage sports cars, but we have also been able to help collectors sell their investments for healthy profits. The core of our business has been built on rare, vintage, and classic Ferrari examples, along with an array of beautiful motorcars produced by Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Mercedes, and many others. Although we are headquartered in Los Angeles, California, we have been able to buy, sell, and collect amazing sports cars from around the world. We have a soft spot in his heart for supercars of the late 80s and 90s.


Blackhorse Collection truly believes in giving back. It is our mission to support everyone with the education, mentorship, and motivation to have an opportunity to reach their full potential. We are aligned with several nonprofits that support social change through education and entrepreneurship. A portion of all Blackhorse Collection’s time and proceeds go directly to help others.

Since early childhood our founder was strongly motivated by the posters of cars in his bedroom and the hope to one day own a car of his dreams. It was through this passion that he pushed himself to learn, grow, and build a career in the creative and tech space. He was lucky enough to be surrounded by entrepreneurs and mentors that had already been down the path. By building a successful global digital agency and investing time and money into several startups, he was able to support and grow a team of individuals while reaching his goals of becoming an enthusiast and collector.